My work

On this page various work I have done is displayed.

  1. Hereditary C*-subalgebra of an AF-algebra is AF (document link)
    • Consolidates references and the work of Dixmier, Glimm, and Elliott to provide a proof of the known fact that a hereditary C*-subalgebra of an AF-algebra is AF
    • A lot of detail is gone into the proof to make it more accessible
  2. Covariant Representation of a C*-Dynamical System given by Left Translation (document link)
  3. Von Veumann Algebras and the Double Commutant theorem (document link)
    • Introduces Von Neumann algebras: elementary facts and examples
    • Commutants and Von Neumann’s Double Commutant theorem
  4. Hilbert C*-algebra modules and Morita equivalence for C*-algebras (document link)
    • Introduces Hilbert C*-algebra modules: discussion of some elementary facts and some examples
    • Introduces (strong) Morita equivalence for C*-algebras: some examples and noted applications to C*-algebra theory
  5. Report on Lp-improving measures (document link)
    • The report focused on the elementary properties of Lp-improving measures on compact, abelian, infinite groups in the context of abstract harmonic analysis
    • The work was featured in a recorded video presentation at the University of Toronto Scarborough as part of a new mathematics research portal platform Math In Action
  6. Report on C*-algebras (document link)
    • The report covers an introduction to C*-algebras in the context of bounded operators on Hilbert spaces (i.e. “concrete” C*-algebras). The document contains an abstract for more information
  7. Report on distances between points on elliptic curves (document link)
    • The report covers an investigation of a property found regarding distances between adjacent points on elliptic curves. The document contains an abstract for more information
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