Hello! I have a Honours BSc in mathematics from the University of Toronto, as well as certification to teach mathematics and computer studies in secondary school in Ontario (BEd degree). Next year (2017–2018) I will begin the masters program in pure mathematics at the University of Toronto. I have been a teacher assistant for calculus courses (MATA31/37) and an introductory analysis course (MATB43) at the University of Toronto, and am currently a teacher assistant for linear algebra (MATB24).

During my work as a teacher I have made course materials (e.g. lessons, review notes), and I have them available on this website, found under Materials. These are freely available, either to the teacher or to the student.

On this website I also make blog posts on various topics (e.g. math). For example, I am currently pursuing an interest in abstract harmonic analysis (Lp-improving functions and lambda-p sets).